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Motahhare Eslami

My name is Motahhare Eslami, officially Motahareh EslamiMehdiabadi (I know, it's long!). I am an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the School of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction Institute. My research is broadly in human-computer interaction, social computing, and data mining. I received my PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I was advised by Professor Karrie Karahalios. In my research, I have developed techniques to investigate users’ behavior around opaque algorithmic systems, redesign these systems to communicate opaque algorithmic processes to users and provide them with a more informed, satisfying, and engaging interaction. My research has been discussed in the popular press, including TimeThe Washington PostHuffingtonPostthe BBCCBC RadioFortuneQuartzInternational Business TimesNew Scientist, and MIT Technology Review. My research is supported by NSF (Fairness in AI, AI Institute, Future of Work), Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Cisco.


  • Fall 2022: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics (FATE) in Sociotechnical Systems

  • Spring 2022: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics (FATE) in Sociotechnical Systems 

  • Fall 2021: User-Centered Research and Evaluation (UCRE)

  • Spring 2021 : User-Centered Research and Evaluation (UCRE)

Ph.D Students

  • Alicia DeVos, HCII, CMU

  • Bonnie Fan, HCII, CMU

  • Wesley Deng, HCII, CMU

  • Seyun Kim, HCII, CMU


  • March 2022: Our CSCW 2021 paper, “Algorithmic Folk Theories and Identity: How TikTok Users Engage in Algorithmic Resistance and Identity Co-Production” has received an Honorable Mention Awards for Best Paper.

  • ​Aug 2021: I’m thrilled to be a part of the $20M, 5-year NSF award (with Amazon and Google as industry partners) on “The AI Institute for Collaborative Assistance and Responsive Interaction for Networked Groups (AI-CARING)”. This is a large multi-institute collaborative effort between Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon University, Oregon State University, the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Oregon Health & Science University. [Award News, AI-CARING]

  • Aug 2021: Our paper on everyday algorithm auditing is accepted to CSCW21.

  • May 2021: I’m honored to be one of the keynote speakers at L@S this year.

  • Mar 2021: Our paper algorithmic folk theories and identity is accepted to CSCW21.

  • Jan 2021: Our $1M, 3-year NSF award (with Amazon as the industry partner) on “Organizing Crowd Audits to Detect Bias in Machine Learning” has been funded. [Award Abstract]

Selected Publications

  • S. Kingsley, P. Sinha, C. Wang, M. Eslami, and J. Hong; “Give everybody [..] a little bit more equity”: Content Creator Perspectives and Responses to Algorithmic Demonetization of Content Associated with Marginalized Communities, Proceedings of ACM in Human Computer Interaction (CSCW), 2022 (conditionally accepted). 

  • A. DeVos, A. Dhabalia, H. Shen, K. Holstein+, and M. Eslami+. Toward User-Driven Algorithm Auditing: Investigating Users’ Strategies for Uncovering Harmful Algorithmic Behavior. Conditionally accepted, CHI 2022. (+: equal contribution) [pdf]

  • J. Park, K. Karahalios, N. Salehi, and M. Eslami. Power Dynamics and Value Conflicts in Designing and Maintaining Socio-Technical Algorithmic Processes, Proceedings of ACM in Human Computer Interaction (CSCW), 2022. [pdf

  • J. Solyst,, A. Axon, A.E.B. Stewart, A.E.B., M. Eslami, and A. Ogan. Investigating Girls’ Perspectives and Knowledge Gaps on Ethics and Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in a Lightweight Workshop. The International Conference of the Learning Sciences 2022 (ICLS).

  • H. Shen∗ and A. DeVos∗, M. Eslami+ and K. Holstein+. Everyday Algorithm Auditing: Understanding the Power of Everyday Users in Surfacing Harmful Algorithmic Behaviors. Proceedings of ACM in Human Computer Interaction (CSCW), 2021. [pdf]

  • N. Karizat, D. Delmonaco, M. Eslami, N. Andalibi. Algorithmic Folk Theories and Identity: How TikTok Users Engage in Algorithmic Resistance and Identity Co-Production. Proceedings of ACM in Human Computer Interaction (CSCW), 2021.[pdf] ⭐ Honorable Mention Award for Best Paper

  • J. Asplund, M. Eslami, H. Sundaram, C. Sandvig, K. Karahalios. Auditing Race and Gender Discrimination in Online Housing Markets. Proceedings of the Fourteenth International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), 2020. [pdf]

  • J. Salminen, J. M. Santos, S. Jung, M. Eslami, and B. J. Jansen. Persona Transparency: Analyzing theImpact of Explanations on Perceptions of Data-Driven Personas, Internationl Journal of Human-ComputerInteraction, 2019.[pdf]

  • M. Eslami, K. Vaccaro, M. K. Lee, A. Elazari, E. Gilbert, and K. Karahalios. User Attitudes towards Algorithmic Opacity and Transparency in Online Reviewing Platforms. Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference (CHI), 2019.[pdf]

  • J. Kulshrestha, M. Eslami, J. Messias, M. B. Zafar, S. Ghosh, K. P. Gummadi, and K Karahalios.Search bias quantification: investigating political bias in social media and web search. Information Retrieval Journal, 1-40, 2018.[pdf]

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